Saturday, 20 September 2014

Great start for Winter Menu.

No, Winter Menu is not a new horse in Linda's yard, it's just that the Saturday breakfast fare has switched from summer continental to traditional winter English.  And what a good breakfast it was.  After watching the first lot work on the track, those owners present made themselves comfortable in the kitchen with mugs of tea and coffee while sausages (pork & beef), scrambled eggs, bacon, baked beans and toast were served, but the star of the feast was Yorkshire Breakfast Pie (pictured below) baked by John's wife Linda.  This contained egg, tomatoes and sausage meat on a bed of onions encased in delicious pastry.

Those that had room were able to follow up with home made flapjacks and chocolate covered ginger shortbread, courtesy of another of the owners.  The chat was enthusiastic as plans were made and memories recounted.

After breakfast owners went back to the track to watch the second lot or to the boxes to view and pat their own horses. 
Saturday mornings look as if they will continue to be very popular in the coming months thanks to Linda's patience and hard work over a hot oven!

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